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Senior living construction is about building comfortable, community-oriented spaces with fully-integrated healthcare components that still feel like home. At Kapella Group, we build for the full continuum of care. With a keen understanding of details unique to senior living, such as mobility, convenience, safety, and security, our experienced senior living construction and renovation professionals proudly design and build spaces proven to enhance tenants’ comfort and quality of life.

Kapella Group has specialized in senior living construction for over a decade. From independent and assisted living facilities to memory care, we have the experience and expertise to handle any senior living project from routine maintenance, to unit turns, to renovations and CapEx projects. Our seasoned professionals understand senior’s needs and that their quality of life can improve significantly when the environment is one of healing. We handle every project with care and sensitivity, partnering directly with care providers during every project to ensure we meet every need possible.

Safety = Our #1 Priority!

We understand the unique construction environment presented by senior living and healthcare facilities, and safety is our #1 priority. Our team is certified with both ICRA and ASHE for infection control and risk assessment.

Icra Certified
Memory Care

At Kapella Group we are well versed in the licensure requirements for Memory Care Communities, from pull stations and tamper-proof outlets to locking medicine cabinets. We can identify items early on in design stages that are required for Memory Care Communities to avoid delays during the project and additional costs.

Flexible Design Solutions for Healthcare Renovations

Healthcare construction is one of the most necessary and challenging sectors of commercial construction. As technology advances, regulations change, and the needs of patients and employees shift, a constant evolution in design and construction is necessary to meet the objectives of these projects.

Kapella Group practices the utmost safety and sensitivity to both residents and caregivers throughout the entire project lifecycle. It takes many extra steps in communication, planning, and logistics to avoid safety hazards and lawsuits that could result in unnecessary costs for any renovation or expansion project.

When you choose our CapEx and Renovation Division, Global Construction, it’s our priority to ensure that we have an empathetic approach, minimizing disturbances and keeping all areas safe and clean. We carry out each and every project as if our own friends and family may need care at that community one day. Plus, we’re experts in Assisted Living specific needs such as nurse and medical carts and stations and call buttons and centers.

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With over 50 years of commercial construction management experience and over $1.2 billion in volume, Global Construction has become the premier commercial General Contractor serving Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Kansas, and Florida.

Assisted Living
Independent Living

Kapella Group works closely with the design team, architects, and on-site staff in order to work seamlessly within occupied buildings causing minimal disruptions to residents and caregiver’s routines. We thoroughly vet our employees who are experienced working in senior communities and highly aware of their environments and safety protocols.

Supportive and Healing Designs for Senior Living

There are many factors that go into the design approach for senior living communities. At Kapella Group we fully understand the needs of seniors in care. For example, having a balance between engaging community spaces but avoiding overstimulation, which can be especially stressful and overwhelming for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementias.


Medical settings can also appear cold or uncomfortable. At Kapella Group we are experts in integrating both the necessary medical and safety equipment like handrails and slip-resistant flooring with hospitable, residential touches that help the room feel warm and comfortable as a home should. Our designs not only support functionality and safety but are also psychologically supportive to both residents and their caregivers.

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With over 50 years of commercial construction management experience and over $1.2 billion in volume, Kapella Group has become expertly qualified in owner representation serving Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Kansas, and Florida.