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EP 6. – Preparing Your Commercial Roof for the Winter

Hi there and welcome to episode 6 of Kapella Group’s Friday Field Videos! Today, I’m here with a special guest, some of you may recognize him from some of our early podcasts, it’s Kapella Roofing’s own John Kregas. In today’s video, we’ll be showing you the 3 things you need to do to prepare your commercial roof for winter.

Well, John, Winter is nearly here and for many that will be the time when they realize that they have damage, so what are 3 things you can do to prepare your roof for the season?

  1. CLEAN YOUR ROOF- Remove any roof debris including but not limited to leaves, pine needles, or any other items that can obstruct drains, scuppers, gutters or downspouts.
  2. GET YOUR ROOF INSPECTED BY A PROFESSIONAL-A roof inspection will identify any potential roof system issues that could be repaired prior to the winter months.  This will assure your roofs are functioning as designed to hold up to winter weather.
  3. CREATE A SNOW REMOVAL PLAN-Some roofs require snow removal, and its important to have a plan that is best suited to your roof type.  An example: Some commercial roofs have floating walkable decks, and it is recommended to remove the snow from these areas to reduce the build-up of ice and snow which if not removed can exceed the snow-load design for the roof.  Some deicing agents (aka “rock salt, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, etc may be corrosive to specific roof types), so it’s important to be sure to be using the correct ice melt for each specific roof type.


John, I wanted to thank you again for joining me on today’s episode. As always, it’s a pleasure to hear from a roofing expert such as yourself. And before we sign off for the day, I think now would be a perfect time to announce our Kapella Roofing’s Protection Program!

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Made Easy

At Kapella Roofing, we have created a Roof Protection Program designed to give you peace of mind by taking a proactive approach to commercial maintenance. When you subscribe to one of our three Protection Plans, you’ll know your roof is in good hands as we keep an eye on your roof and alert you of potential faults before they become a bigger issue. We will provide you with either an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly report of the roof’s condition and early warnings of most conditions that may affect the roof’s integrity. 

If you’re ready to learn more about this new offer from Kapella Roofing, give us a call today or send an email to

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks!