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EP. 10 – Kapella Group Office Tour

Hi there and welcome to the 10th episode of Kapella Group’s Friday Field Videos! I’m Kyle May, Marketing Director at Kapella Group and right now I’m standing in front of the Kapella Group HQ in Centennial, CO. Watch today’s video to see a tour of our space including the brand new office we just built to make room for all of the new employees joining our team!

Kapella Group’s Centennial Office

Both Kapella Roofing and Global Construction call the Kapella Group HQ their home with the majority of management and business development staff working out of the Centennial-Based office. In 2022, Kapella Group expanded into a second suite to make room for growing teams at both Kapella Roofing and Global Construction. As we enter suite 30, you’ll notice a bright lobby with plenty of windows and vaulted ceilings. From here, we’ll head back toward our conference room where we’ll find our “safety shark” guarding the entrance. This is a replica of an actual shark that owner, Denis Koval caught off the coast of Miami a few years back.

Here we’ll head back through the conference room to the back of the office where Kapella Roofing is set up. We’ll take a right turn into our podcast and sound room which was converted from a loading dock into the space you see now. 

Next, we’ll head back to our showroom, which is a little messy right now as we just got a new shipment of roofing samples for the 2024 season. To learn more about our showroom, you can watch episode 2 of Friday Field Videos.

As we head back through the conference room and toward Global construction’s wing of the office, you’ll notice that no two offices are the same. We designed this space specifically to fit our needs and in doing so, each office was custom built and offers a unique look and feel.

Taking a right as we approach the lobby leads us into Global Construction’s suite where we’ve just completed the construction of a new office. As I mentioned earlier, our team is growing rapidly and in order to accommodate the new team members, we’re building new offices and minimizing wasted space!

As we continue the office tour, we head into our break room where we’ve installed an oven and stove where I’ll cook the team omelets for breakfast once a month. Attached to our kitchen is a large loading dock where we stage materials for unit renovations. This area is also under construction and a bit of a mess right now as we add more shelves for extra storage.

Heading back into the main part of the office, you’ll find two estimating desks where you can roll out full size plans and blueprints. 

The last stop on our tour is the gym. This is an awesome benefit to working at Kapella Group. We have weights and equipment available for use by employees. Additionally, four nights a week we have professional combat instructions come in and teach kickboxing and combat sambo. As an employee, you are invited to join these classes.

Well, that’s about it. You’ve seen everything the Kapella Group office has to offer. It’s not just your ordinary corporate office and the people certainly make it an interesting place to work.

We’re Hiring!

Global Construction and Kapella Group are hiring! We’re looking to fill a number of roles including project estimator, account executive, and project manager, so if you or someone you know could be a good fit, go to to apply today!

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week.